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Patrick Jones is one of England's foremost and respected abstract painters.

His work is characterised by its colour,vibrancy and size. His survey show at the Poussin Gallery entitled 'Reprise'  referred to his continual renewal of abstract imagery and poetic design.

He likes to work on large unprimed canvas, improvising a varied technique, like a giant watercolour. The pigment is highly charged and intense, so working flat on the floor allows the thin washes to overlay and dry.

Portrait Patrick Jones by John Andow.He is aiming at creating an eloquent and expressive pictorial lanquage like his great hero the catalan painter, Juan Miro. His influences are many from early european modernists like Juan Gris and Georges Braque to american abstract expressionists, Pollock and Morris Louis.

He is an inspirational teacher and has taught extensively in England and the USA, most notably at Wimbledon School of Art and Hunter College in New York. His Abstract Art Course has run for the past fifteen years and is ongoing.

His passions are Music, of all sorts and Reading. The history of civil rights movements, independence struggles, Dogon Statuary and Anthropology all feed into his work to broaden its reference and meaning.

He is currently working on a series started in 1997 called 'No Pasaran'. This was inspired by the film 'Land and Freedom' by Ken Loach about the complexities of the republican movement in the spanish civil war.

Mel Gooding has described Jones work as being"admired for his painterly virtuosity,and above all for the vibrancy of his colour and the boldness of his formal invention".

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